Our Massage Therapists specialize in the therapeutic side of Massage. They all have an immense knowledge of the human anatomy and are highly trained in finding your problem to help relieve you of your pain, increase your range of motion and get you back to doing what you want to be doing the way you want to be doing it. Your therapist will also spend extra time helping you to understand your role in order to achieve the most complete recovery possible by showing you exercises and helping you understand what influences your problem. When you are trying to fix a complaint, we suggest appointments are no further apart than 2 weeks. Once your complaint has subsided, maintenance should be continued with appointments ranging from 2-8 weeks apart. 

Tiered Pricing

Our Tiers represent seniority within The Doorway. Tiers do not represent experience or skill. All of our therapists are incredibly skilled. The price ranges listed indicate Tier 1 to Tier 4 prices.

Deep Tissue  Sports  Neuromuscular

Rehabilitative  Thai  

Relaxation  Prenatal  Postnatal

(To learn more about the different modalities that we offer, scroll to the bottom of this page for a more thorough description)

½hr $40-$55

This is enough time to help one area. Great for emergencies, when you can’t make it in for a longer session.

45min $57.50-$67.50

A better value than a ½hr for those times when you just don’t have time for an hour (not available with Tier 1 therapists).

1hr $65-$80

The most common length for a massage. This session is usually enough time to fully treat one problem area with a little time on something else or for a full body relaxation massage.

1.5hr $90-$105

This is our therapist most recommended length of massage. This is usually enough time that the therapist doesn’t have to rush if you have more then one problem area or it makes for an incredible relaxation massage.

2hrs $115-$130

These are great! Your therapist can really sink in to the tissue. They can afford to be patient with the tissue and even have enough time to work away from the problem and come back to it plus get to the entire body.

20 Min Chair Massage $20-$35

Perfect for those last minute emergencies or even to squeeze in on your lunch break. You will be comfortably seated in one of our chair massage units and won’t have to undress for your appointment which means you can get back to what you were doing even faster or before your boss even knows you’re gone.

Hot Stone Massage

This service uses basalt stones to melt away your tension. Stones are placed under and on top of you and also used by the therapist in hand to help release all the tension that you are holding. This incredible service will spoil you and only gets better the longer you schedule the appointment for.

1hr $90-$100     1.5hr $115-$125     2hr $140-$150



Aromatherapy: $3.50 Add one of our signature blends to your session. It’s a great way to enhance your relaxation. 
Hot Stone Sample: $10 A chance to try Hot Stones without dedicating your entire session to them. They are great for enhancing your relaxation. Some people like to pair this with their therapy for a treat after the deep tissue work.
Hot Towel Sample: $5-$10 Just a few hot towels to warm things up and add a unique texture. (Add 5 towels for $5 or 10 towels for $10)   

Gua sha: (no charge) Gua sha is a healing technique which originated in traditional East Asian medicine. Gua sha is performed on oiled skin with a smooth-edged tool and uses a repetitive scraping “gua” movement. This encourages the flow of blood on a meridian pathway or particular area of skin and causes the blood in the subcutaneous tissue to rise.  When small red dots appear, it means that “sha” (fever or illness) is freed and that qi now flows freely again.  Gua sha is normally performed in conjunction with a deep tissue or acupressure massage.  Gua sha is often used for addressing muscle pain, mainly to upper back, neck and shoulders. This has also been known to help with headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain. What to expect: The area of treatment may feel warm to the touch but is not painful.  Redness surfacing from gua sha treatment often significantly improves directly after a session and should fade completely in a few days.                                            

 Combo Services

3 Hour Tuff Fluff

Have you abused your body, neglected it or flat out rejected the thought that your vessel needs regular maintenance? Or maybe you just want an incredible treat Then this is the combo for you. Therapy is accompanied by the soothing quality of hot basalt stones straight from a lava field to the places you need.
3hrs of Massage Includes:Therapeutic Massage(1.5hr) & Hot Stone Massage (1.5hr) $190-$220

Foot Spa

 (available at the North Mpls location Only)

(available for groups of 2 only)

This is a half hour to let all of your cares melt away as you are pampered and catered to. You will relax in a Hot Stone Foot Bath with epsom salts and your choice of essential oils. Once your feet are warmed through and supple, each foot will receive a massage it won’t want to forget. And the cherry on top is warm toe stones in between each toe. This is Heaven for your Feet! $70


(available at the North Mpls location Only)

The combo that will melt away stress and tension alike and leave you feeling like you could dance through the night on a Havana beach.
2½ hrs of Services Includes: 2hr Massage w/Hot Stones & Hot Towels & a ½ hr Foot Spa $190-$220

ForYaFeet or Head2Toe

(available at the North Mpls location Only)

ForYaFeet will direct all of the services to your lower legs and feet for the ultimate foot treat. Head2Toe is for everything else. These are the same combination of services, it’s just your choice of emphasis (ForYaFeet or Head2Toe).                                                                                             1½ hrs of Services Includes: 1 hr massage w/Hot Towels & a ½hr Foot Spa $120-$150

Descriptions of Services

Thai Massage: Thai Massage has a base in Ayurvedic techniques and has been gradually influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. The therapist uses their hands, knees, legs and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches.  Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment.  Thai massage can be both deeply relaxing and energizing.  Many people say Thai massage is like doing yoga without any effort. Thai massage is done on a padded mat on the floor. No oil is applied. You are fully dressed during the session but need to be able to move freely so please wear comfortable clothing to your appointment.