Our Modalities

Deep Tissue / Sports / Neuromuscular / Rehabilitative / Relaxation / Pre/Postnatal / Fascial Release

Tiered Pricing

Our Tiers represent seniority within The Doorway. They do not represent experience or ability; all of our therapists are incredibly skilled. The price ranges listed indicate Tier 1 to Tier 5 prices.

Massage Services

Our Massage Therapists specialize in the therapeutic side of Massage. They all have an immense knowledge of human anatomy and are highly trained in finding your problem to help relieve you of your pain, increase your range of motion, and get you back to doing what you want to be doing the way you want to be doing it. Your therapist will also spend extra time helping you understand your role in achieving the most complete recovery possible by showing you exercises and helping you understand what influences your problem. When you are trying to fix a complaint, we suggest appointments be no further than 2 weeks apart. Once your complaint has subsided, maintenance should be continued with appointments ranging from 2-8 weeks apart.

½ hour
$45 +$5 per Tier
45 minutes
$67.50 +$5 per Tier
1 hour
$85 +$5 per Tier
1½ hour
$120 +$5 per Tier
2 hours
$155 +$5 per Tier




Add one of our signature blends to your session. It’s a great way to enhance your relaxation and have a nice little treat!

Hot Stone Sample


A chance to try Hot Stones without dedicating your entire session to them. They are great for enhancing your relaxation. Some people like to pair this with their therapy for a treat after the deep tissue work.

Hot Towel Sample


Just a few hot towels to warm things up and add a unique texture. This is a treat you can get wrapped up in.
(Add 5 towels for $5 or 10 towels for $10) 

Hot Stone Massage

This service uses basalt stones to melt away your tension. Stones are placed under and on top of you and also used by the therapist in hand to help release all the tension that you are holding. This incredible service will spoil you and only gets better the longer you schedule the appointment for.

1 hour
$105 +$5 per Tier
1½ hour
$150 +$5 per Tier
2 hours
$175 +$5 per Tier

20 minute Chair Massage

  • (No discounts or coupons)

Perfect for those last minute emergencies or even to squeeze in on your lunch break. You will be comfortably seated in one of our massage chairs and won’t have to undress for your appointment, which means you can get back to what you were doing even faster or before your boss even knows you’re gone.

Have you abused or neglected your body, or flat out rejected the thought that your vessel needs regular maintenance? Maybe you just want an incredible treat? Then this is the combo for you. Therapy is accompanied by the soothing quality of hot basalt stones straight from a lava field to the places you need.

3 hour Tuff Fluff

  • (No discounts or coupons)

Combined 1½ hour Therapeutic Massage
& 1½ hour Hot Stone Massage

Our Modalities