Best massage ever!

– Colleen G. on Facebook

At the risk of making it even more difficult to get in to see David or his colleagues at the Doorway (who not surprisingly are already in high demand), after experiencing an awakening massage recently from David, I felt obligated to spread the word. I continue to be simply amazed at the skill with which David nimbly maneuvered my muscles, causing tingling in seemingly random parts of my body, and alleviating pain and uncomfortable pressure at the base of my skull that has bothered me for years. I left feeling awake, confused, and inspired; qualities I hope everyone who visits the Doorway has the joy of experiencing, and no doubt will. I will add that I had seen both David and Brandon a handful of times previously, all with wonderful massages, but I received the most benefit by returning and continuing to communicate my body’s response to previous massages and any recurring concerns. You won’t get the same massage every time, but rather an evolving effort at healing your aches and pains. David puts his energy, knowledge, experience, and mindfulness into delivering relief to his patients. In the humble, yet comfortable and professional space, this is a no frills studio that – thankfully – focuses its energy on the benefits of expert bodywork and healing. Mastery at its best; highly recommend.

-Pamela L. on Yelp

First time visiting and was so pleased. I saw Ed and he was awesome. I liked the low key ambiance, and it was so close to home. I will certainly be back.

Amy S.

ON Yelp

I was born and raised in the salon/spa industry. I also have been working as a professional in the industry for over 10 years! I was beyond impressed with the professionalism of Charlie Ann! Her skill level and knowledge as a Massage Therapist is very impressive. The Doorways space is charming yet relaxing. Without a doubt I will be back! I’ve already booked for April and am hoping I can find time to schedule with her before then! Loved everything about my experience!

Tristin E.

ON facebook

I got a massage from Charlie on the 4th of July because it was one of the only massage places open on the holiday and my back was in so much pain!! It was the best massage ever, and I wouldn’t have made it through the day without it! I went back again, but have since moved out of the state, sadly. She is very talented, the space is cozy, and they use aromatherapy which is very calming. Highly recommend!

Elsa H.

on Yelp

Best deep tissue massage ever! David is fantastic. He will also give you ideas of exercises to help with your tight muscles etc.

Laurie S.

on Facebook

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I love this place. As both a runner and a chronic round-shouldered, desk-job huncher, I get painful knots everywhere. My shoulders and legs are a nightmare. Emily is super nice and AMAZING at getting every single one of those knots out. I highly recommend her. I don’t regularly get massages (not that I wouldn’t like to!), usually just when I find a convenient deal or groupon. But this place I have gone back to again without a deal because it is that good. It’s located in the basement of Open Book. Walk in the doors off Washington, head straight back past the stairs to the elevator and go down one floor. It feels a little dark being in a basement at first, and occasionally you can hear footsteps upstairs at Open Book, but I’ve found it’s easy to tune out quickly. I can’t recommend Doorway enough.

Stephanie O.

on Yelp

This high quality, medium frills, dual location place is one that I was introduced with via a groupon. That was about a year ago and I come back monthly now. They do right by the customer, have high quality therapists, and offer aromatherapy to your liking with the massage. Pretty wide variety of styles…I won’t mention my favorite because I want to be able to continue to book her!
(PS They are all very good)
Note – I’ve not been to the downtown location, this review is for the North Minneapolis location, which is kitty corner from Victory 44.

Shawn S.

on Yelp

This was my first visit to The Doorway. I took a chance booking with Tim giving his experience level. Let’s just I was pleasantly surprised. Tim did a great job!! The $20 for $40 package value deal was worth every penny. I will definitely be a return client.

Lila L.

on Yelp

I like to play hard! Some times that comes with physical effects on my body. To relieve myself from physical soreness, stress or just to pamper myself I go straight to “Doorway Massage”. I have never had a more educated, relaxing and fulfilling massage as I have here. Truly, these artists love what they do and it shows. If you need a massage you need to go here!

Elizabeth S.

on Yelp

I saw Emily today! How good is Emily? This is how good…After my massage, I came back home to my bedridden flu family AND a new puppy who pooped in her crate. Didn’t faze me. Emily is so good. 🙂

Whitney H.

on Facebook

The Doorway is fantastic, I signed up for 5 more sessions!

Nathalie G.

on Facebook

As an aging athlete and former massage therapist myself, I know the difference between an average massage therapist and a healer. The massages I received here really helped with my aches and pains. I went in with a minor sprain and felt better immediately! These guys are true professionals!

Peter L.

on yelp

No more bargain-hopping for me, going from CMT to CMT depending on where I have a coupon. After two visits, The Doorway is the place!
I’d like to specifically give accolades to Emily. Her technique was strong and smart. I felt very connected with her hands during my massage; it was clear that she was learning about my body and adjusting her treatment accordingly. I look forward to seeing her again.

Michael A.

on Yelp

Had a great deep tissue massage from one of the therapists here. Nice comfortable little massage studio.

Don N.

on Yelp

I had a massage at The Doorway for Bodywork last Friday and I must say it was THE BEST! My therapist not only got my problem areas worked out but she listened to me complain without interrupting. She had great pressure and showed me some stretches that I didn’t know. And even though she was working my knots out she had a way of making me relax the entire time. She gave me great at-home tips and was very knowledgeable in what areas needed work.

Kate H.

on Yelp

I am a long time customer of The Doorway and have been very satisfied over the years with the quality of the massage they provide. I have mainly had David, the owner provide bodywork for me and more recently a new hire for The Doorway provided bodywork for me and they are both fantastic! They are receptive to one’s individual needs and go one step beyond by providing customized essential oil blends and many massage options, such as hot rock massage, etc. What is even better is that they are a neighborhood business, so, it enables me to support the local economy which is very important to me. I highly recommend The Doorway!

Kim G.

on Yelp

I’ve been going to David for 7 years. I’d been to at least 20 masseurs and masseuses before I finally found him. Thank God. Not only is he incredibly good at and knowledgable about what he does, but he has a true healer’s vocation. His space may not have the corporate snazz that some do, but wonderful, transformative things happen there. I have to say, even if you offered me a free massage with someone else, I wouldn’t waste my time. He’s that good and that worth paying for. And his rates are very reasonable.

Kate R.

on Yelp

I have been going to David at the Doorway for 4 years. I have a lower back problem where I am always in some degree of pain. Davids deep tissue work and his dedication to keeping me healthy has paid off. Not only do I go mostly once a week, but he gave me an at home plan to help with keeping my muscles loose and flexible. I can say, without any hesitation, that David is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. That would include about 7 therapists over 20 year time frame. No one else works on my body but David – EVER!

Roger M.

on yelp

Best massage ever!

Colleen G.

on facebook